The book fair went by recently in the city and I had a gala time moving around the halls with so many books all around- It’s such an exciting time for me, I become like a child in a candy shop. I managed to buy a total of 7 books there (held myself back a lot), 4 of which sort of fall under the “History” genre. Wanted to share a small round up on them here..

First up I really like books which give you a broad overview into various subjects after which one can decide which ones to go deeper on.  3 of the books below fall under that category.

 1. Story of Philosophy by Will Durant

 Is a round up of all the major philosophers from Socrates, Plato to Spencer,  Locke, Nietzsche pretty much all the popular names. This one is like  an extra read to other book I mentioned previously- History of Western Philosophy by Bertrand  Russel another brilliant read on the same subject. The casual reader can however  choose either of these.


2. Plutarch’s Lives by Plutarch,  John Dryden, Arthur 

This one covers lives of notable Greeks from Aristides, Crassus, Fabius, Pericles and many more. Putting this in queue for my Greek exploration time.





3. The History of Literature From Antiquity to the Present– I got this one by chance while browsing through some of the stalls there. Apart from history I’m a huge fan of literature and this book kind of combined the two together. It’s a fun read  covering all the major landmarks in literature from Greek times till date.

 4.  The Royal Rajputs : Strange tales and stranger truths  by Manoshi  Bhattacharya: This I found to be quite an  interesting book. The author takes up the history of this clan since  the beginning, how it came about, the mystery, the stories, the  scandal and intrigue surrounding them through the ages making it  quite a spicy read (I hope).





The other 3 books (for the curious) fall mainly in the literature category-

1. In search of lost time Vol 1- Marcel Proust

2. Jeeves Omnibus- PG Wodehouse (I love his books)

2. Agatha Christie Omnibus- Another long time favorite of mine. 

As for my other books from the Reading list, some of them I have read, you can check out my take on them here Reading list- Update