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The School of Life: A Must Watch Channel on Youtube

  Last night, I was casually browsing through Youtube and stumbled upon this interesting channel called- The School of Life.  They basically produce short 4-5 minute videos on key summaries ranging across Philosophy, Art & Architecture, Sociology, Literature, Economic Theory... Continue Reading →


Top 3 Must See Cities in India

The blog has been silent for a while and I apologize for that. A lot has been happening in between and unfortunately this little blog of mine was left neglected. Nevertheless, I'm back!  And..Today I want to write about historic... Continue Reading →

A Very Spicy Affair

After experimenting with different kinds of world cuisine of late I have come to a conclusion that I can't live without my 'spicy' Indian food for long and believe me I'm emphasizing on 'spicy' precisely because that is what gives our... Continue Reading →

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