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The Great Mughals

Shahjahan: The Grand Architect (Continued)

  a) Taj Mahal at Agra I had to put this one first only cause it is the most famous monument known world over principally as a symbol of great love. Shahjahan commissioned the Taj Mahal project in 1632 after... Continue Reading →


The Mughal Chronicles VI: The Grand Architect

Shah Jahan 5th Mughal Emperor   Born as Khurrum, third son to Emperor Jahangir and his Hindu wife Taj Begum, was given the name Shahjahan (meaning Ruler of the World) when he came to power in 1627-  A throne that came... Continue Reading →

The Mughal Chronicles V: The Stagnation Point

  4th Mughal Emperor- Jahangir   When it comes to big empires, there are times when things come at a standstill, for the Mughals that period was between Akbar's death and Jahangir's rule. After a massive success of Akbar's administration... Continue Reading →

The Women Behind the Veil

  Nur Jahan- Mughal Empress, wife of Jahangir The Mughal dynasty was perhaps the last illustrious dynasty our country has seen,mostly because having ruled our country for more than 3 centuries the Mughals have altered and changed us in many... Continue Reading →

The Mughal Chronicles IV: Akbar The Great One

In the entire Mughal history if there has to one ruler who is remembered by all, it is Akbar. He's considered to be the greatest Mughal king most notably for his mass conquests and favorable administrative policies. He is responsible... Continue Reading →

The Mughal Chronicles III: The Afghan Interlude

  Sher Shah Suri   So here's what happened- Humayun was a drug addict, alcoholic and terribly negligent of his young Mughal empire. He turned a blind eye to many factious elements and as a result the afghan Sher Shah... Continue Reading →

The Mughal Chronicles II: The Opium King

Babur left his nascent kingdom after just 4 short years of rule. Within this time he was able to annex a large portion of the northern belt under him i.e from whole of Punjab till some parts of Bihar. His... Continue Reading →

The Mughal Chronicles I: Rise of an Empire

The Mughal or the "mongol"  dynasty represent one of the most glorious, illustrious empires our country has seen second only to perhaps the Mauryas who reigned many centuries ago. There's a certain fascination with this period (atleast with me)  mostly cause of... Continue Reading →

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