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The Mughal Chronicles V: The Stagnation Point

  4th Mughal Emperor- Jahangir   When it comes to big empires, there are times when things come at a standstill, for the Mughals that period was between Akbar's death and Jahangir's rule. After a massive success of Akbar's administration... Continue Reading →


Book Fair Haul

          The book fair went by recently in the city and I had a gala time moving around the halls with so many books all around- It's such an exciting time for me, I become like... Continue Reading →


  Ghalib, words are not enough to describe the genius this man was, revered and renowned as one of the greatest poets in history and certainly a jewel to our Indian literature, Ghalib was man that belonged to the most... Continue Reading →

The Man with Many Wives- Henry VIII

Henry the VIII is one of the most controversial and glamourous kings in the English history so much so that till this day we see his life immortalized in some way or the other in movies, tv shows, books, internet... Continue Reading →

My Reading List for 2014- Update

First day of 2014 is here! I thought I should share a list of books I'm going to devour this year, most of them before the Book fair hits the town in Feb where I know I will go crazy,... Continue Reading →

A Very Spicy Affair

After experimenting with different kinds of world cuisine of late I have come to a conclusion that I can't live without my 'spicy' Indian food for long and believe me I'm emphasizing on 'spicy' precisely because that is what gives our... Continue Reading →

The Women Behind the Veil

  Nur Jahan- Mughal Empress, wife of Jahangir The Mughal dynasty was perhaps the last illustrious dynasty our country has seen,mostly because having ruled our country for more than 3 centuries the Mughals have altered and changed us in many... Continue Reading →

The Incredible Story of the Mahabharata Part 2: The Swayamvar

        While the Pandavas were growing up there are several instances cited to show how the Kauravas tried to endanger them. One of the oft cited ones is the gift of "house of lac" by Kauravas to... Continue Reading →

The Incredible Story of the Mahabharata Part 1: Setting up the Stage

  Pandavas- Deviant Art   What do you feel when you read a larger than life, a remarkably grand tale?-  Exhilaration? Amazement? Inspiration?  I felt them all when I recently finished reading the epic saga called the Mahabharata.  2nd only... Continue Reading →

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